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An intellectual & Highly intuitive Tarot reader from Queens, NY with a unique talent in reading Tarot to help guide those on a path to achieving whatever it is they desire. Whether you’d like clarity on love & relationships, Money, career, or Home etc. I offer a variety of readings at affordable prices. I also offer coaching & Will soon be selling crystals, cleansing root work as well as performing love and money attraction rituals to help the target attract wealth & prosperity/love into their lives. Please be aware I DO NOT cast revenge spells, negativity, Love/ sex spells on a specific target, Dark magic or any spells to harm anyone as it is the universal law and there are universal laws that shall not be broken . Breaking these laws always backfire (Law of Karma). What goes around comes around tenfold. Also , as with love spells , if you have to force someone to love you or even question the love of someone else chances are, it’s probably best to walk away from the toxic connection that no longer serves you. Welcome to my site and enjoy! 


My Story

Anticipating Certification for tarot April 30th 2021

Name’s Zaria, I grew up in Queens & Long Island, NY. I first got introduced to tarot in 2015 due to some life changing events which had occurred. I had gone through some pretty heartbreaking times dealing with a Karmic partner thus leading me to exploring the “Unknown” and getting my first tarot reading to potentially finding out what exactly was keeping me from the person whom I had once loved. After getting into tarot I began attempting a couple of spell casts for love and prosperity Despite having at the time, lack of wisdom & occult knowledge. Years later, I began researching and you know the saying practice makes perfect ? Well here I am today ready and willing to provide guidance using tarot as well as healing the hurt and doing no harm. It’s all about ethics. 

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Gifted Tarot reader

Extremely satisfied 

Like  best Zaria  is my personal psychic and Tarot specialist. I've been working with her since 2019 after meeting her in person. Before meeting her I was not Spiritual. I was not doing well back then nor did I feel comfortable in my own skin. I felt lost and without purpose. But she has been such a lovely and positive influence in my life. I trust no one else with many of my secrets with her as an exception. She is brilliant and quite personable and excels at being a Spiritual guide. I now am rich with love and content with much of her help. You've come to the right place if you were looking for Spiritual guidance or even just to have someone to lend an ear to. I'm wishing her online business the best of luck and truly recommend you give her a try.Anything to addShe is truly a miraculous person. Give one session a try and you'll truly feel at ease when talking with her. Even newcomers (like I was) are welcome!My contact number (914) 396-0084

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"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge"



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I provide guided messages through tarot readings , channeled messages from spirit , Using my gifts of clairaudience & clairsentience on any subject matter. Feel free to contact me. Note* I offer free 10 minute complimentary readings on Saturdays and Sundays just send me a text via sms phone at (914) 426-1716 or I can be reached by email

(914) 426-1716

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